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At Professional Mortgage Associates, we work with many home buyers who are looking to purchase in the Sacramento, CA area. When working together, we can help you find the right home loan to finance your dream.

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    If you’re looking to move in the Sacramento, CA area, begin by contacting us for a free consultation. We’ll review your specific wants and needs to gain a better understanding of what you’re looking for in your new home.

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    Using your pre-approval letter, you’ll work with your real estate agent to find your dream home. As this is going on, we’ll work to secure final approval on your loan. Once approved, you can sign the closing documents for your new home.

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  • FHA Loan

    FHA loans are government-backed, meaning lenders can be more flexible when defining the terms of the loan. The United States Federal Housing Administration insures and guarantees FHA loans, which have been explicitly designed to get first-time borrows into a new home. One of the most significant benefits of an FHA loan is the down payment. While many loans require down payments that can range between 10% and 20%, the down payment for an FHA loan could be as low as 3%. Other significant benefits include the fact that people with credit scores as low as 580 can still be approved, and there are lower debt ratios.

  • VA Loan

    A loan specifically designed for military members, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs insures all VA loans. The loans are issued by lenders who are VA-approved. When approving these loans, lenders tend to be more flexible with terms, conditions, and qualifying guidelines. That’s because the loans are backed by the United States government, making them stronger than other loan options. There is 100% financing available for the loans, and there is no mortgage insurance requirement. Active duty military members, veterans, and surviving spouses are all eligible for a VA loan as long as they have a Certificate of Eligibility, adequate income, and proper credit.

  • First-Time Home Buyer

    As a first-time home buyer looking to move to the Sacramento, CA area, you may be intimidated or overwhelmed by numerous factors. Securing a loan with reasonable rates is likely one of the things with which you’re most worried. At Professional Mortgage Associates, we understand how stressful the process is, which is why we work with you through the entire mortgage process. Not only will we explore home loan options together, but we’ll also educate you on the home buying process. As a first-time home buyer, one of the things could take advantage of is down payment assistance, which is funded by your state or local government.

  • Jumbo Loans

    Jumbo loans are just as their name describes, in that they are bigger loans for bigger goals. As you search for a new home, you may find the ideal one in one of the higher-priced areas of Sacramento, CA. Or, you may know that you soon have children on the way, which could require more space in your home. Regardless the reason, situations like these could need a jumbo loan, otherwise known as a non-conforming loan. These loans, which come in a variety of adjustable and fixed-rate terms, exceed the conforming loan limit of $417,000. Laws regarding jumbo loans vary from county to county. Our team can help with your jumbo loan no matter where you plan to move.

  • USDA Loans

    Another loan option backed by the United States government, these loans are specifically intended for rural properties outside of metropolitan areas. To service these loans, lenders must meet strict federal guidelines. USDA loans are the only loan options that offer 100% financing to those buyers who are not veterans. To secure 100% financing, you’ll need to meet numerous criteria, some of which are very specific. But, even if they don’t obtain 100% financing, many more people are eligible for a USDA loan than they realize. A common misconception is that the loans are intended explicitly for farmers, but this is not the case. Any land outside of a major metropolitan area could be eligible for a USDA loan.

  • Reverse Mortgage

    A reverse mortgage loan is made by a lender to a homeowner and is generally not paid back during the time the borrower(s) live in the home. With a standard traditional mortgage a borrower will use their income to pay down the debt of the loan, but with a reverse mortgage the owners of the home will receive payments until the last borrower moves out or decides to sell the home. This allows homeowners to cash in on the equity that they have in their home without having to sell it. This loan is ideal for people who may not have a job, are retired, or would like to take out a loan that does not require immediate payback.

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